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ABCentury – The pioneer PR & Marketing Consulting in crypto & Blockchain industry

When Lambor 19/07/2018

ABCentury is a pioneer PR & Marketing Consulting in the cryptocurrency market and the Blockchain industry.

A & B stand for Artificial intelligence & Blockchain. Under this brand name, ABCentury indicates the ambition to become a trustful and ideal agency for all cryptocurrency and technology projects.

Derived from a cryptocurrency & Blockchain publication founded in 2016, ABCentury understand the history and trend of technology development, particularly cryptocurrencies, ICO, Dapps and the technology behinds them – Blockchain. ABCentury is the home of qualified members, who are young, dynamic, flexible, and have extensive knowledge of this industry as well as professional skills.

Another strength of ABCentury is in-depth understanding Vietnamese market. People in ABCentury know what make the communities excited and how to reach and convince them to try your products or services. Therefore, ABCentury confidently support your launching and activation in Vietnam. ABCentury - the pioneer PR & Marketing Consulting in crypto & blockchain industry

Last but not least, ABCentury is widely associated with publications, influencers, and communities in Vietnam. Consequently, choose ABCentury, your budget will be used effectively and get good result.

With above strength, currently, ABCentury is a full-service communications agency that offers public relations, marketing and brand building in Vietnam. Working with ABCentury, your requirements will be accepted, analyzed, researched, then we will consult the strategy and make an action plan.

If you are seeking the answer for some questions like “how to reach the hard cap in your token sale?” or “how to make the communities convinced that your project or product is potential”, do not hesitate to order one “FOMO spreading” package from ABcentury. ABCentury - the pioneer PR & Marketing Consulting in crypto & blockchain industry 2

ABCentury will make a strategy for you to build a noisy community in Vietnam, where your project is seen in every corner of the social media, and discussed in thousands topics.

In addition, ABCentury has abilities to plan, manage and implement the public relations for your launching in Vietnam from concept to final execution. With existing brands or projects, ABCentury has strategies and tatics for Branding building & Marketing, to generate awareness, and promote your company.

Are you interested in ABCentury? Explore us at: ABCentury - the pioneer PR & Marketing Consulting in crypto & blockchain industry 3