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Satoshi Nakatomoon 29/07/2018

As the most popular publication in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain and the largest comumnity in Vietnam. is confidence:

  • Understanding the Vietnamese market.
  • In-depth knowledge of the crypto & blockchain.

We have good connection with orther Bitcoin news in Vietnam, Blockchain publishers, Bitcoin Vietnam News and Cryptocurrency publications in Vietnam.

We also have good connection with Cryptocurrency Influencers and KOL and ICO youtube Reviewers, and trading news and magazine by Vietnamese

Our member also administrator of some lagest communities in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Trading and ICO.

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FOMO spreading

How to reach the hard cap before the end of your ICO? How to make the communities convinced that your project or product is potential and effective in solving the current issues of the modern world?

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Branding building & Marketing

We are here to generate awareness, established and promote your company by using our strategies and tactics.

Launching & Activation in Vietnam

With the in-depth knowledge of the Vietnamese market, we will plan, manage and implement the PR for your launch from concept to final execution.

Content development

We develop engaging content from Press release, Newsletter… that keep your target customers informed and interested in learning about your projects or products.

Digital & Social Media

Video production: engaging and creative video for explanation project, or professional video for reviewing product.

Graphic design: impressive banner or ads materials that convince your target audience want to click on it immediately.


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